WORKSHOP FOCUS: “Explorations in Creative SpaceMaking”


part Celebration | part Learning | part Mapping the Future for Cultural Spaces in Vancouver!

“Explorations in Creative SpaceMaking”

Wednesday, June 12, 1:00 – 5:00pm
Register now. Less than 20 seats available.

This half-day workshop will be led by one of Canada’s premier cultural space organizations, Artscape, with guests from the Vancouver cultural community. It will explore the issues and topics concerning cultural space, including strategies, resources and tools available to organizations today. The workshop will also be an opportunity to network and learn through group activities, and from local organizations that have struggled with their space needs and have realized valuable and successful projects.

Hands on and interactive. This introductory workshop will appeal to artists, arts & cultural organizations and businesses, and emerging leaders in the cultural space discussion.


1. City of Vancouver Strategy, Resources & Tools
Jacqueline Gijssen, Cultural Services, City of Vancouver

2. Artscape: Key Components of Successful Creative Spacemaking Projects
Pru Robey and Tim Jones, Artscape

3. Vancouver Case Studies

Hear from three local case studies. An opportunity to highlight local projects that have delivered a new practice, unique space or innovative partnership.


Case Study: Progress Lab 1422, Jay Dodge
Case Study: Portside Studios, Eri Ishi
Case Study: Performing Arts Lodge, Jane Heyman & Tony Dumolin

Presented by: City of Vancouver – Cultural Services with Artscape
Generously supported by: SFU’s School for Contemporary Arts


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As a whole, the campus at SFU Woodwards and the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts are considered fully wheelchair accessible. All main entrances offer wheelchair accessible options, railed ramps, wide doors, some automatic. There are multiple wheelchair accessible, gendered washrooms throughout, all with auto controls; depending on the event you may have access to gender-neutral wheelchair-accessible washrooms as well. Please inquire through the event organizers and security. The Centre for the Arts is located downtown, only moments away from wheelchair accessible transit buses, trains, and seabus, and offers bike racks and parking. There is currently no scent-reduction policy in place, nor are there scent free soaps available.

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