Cultural Services under the direction of Vancouver City Council offers support and services to non-profit cultural groups, operates Civic Theatres, manages the Public Art Program and Hastings Park/PNE Master Plan.


A diverse and thriving cultural ecology that enriches the lives of residents and visitors.


Cultural Services coordinates cultural grant and promotional support programs, oversees low-cost cultural tenancies and the development of artist studios and cultural spaces and manages the City’s Public Art Program which includes temporary, artist-initiated as well as large-scale public artworks and private development initiatives.

Working with other civic departments, Cultural Services participates in the development and upgrading of cultural facilities through zoning incentives and capital funding.

We are also responsible for the operation of Vancouver Civic Theatres including the Vancouver Playhouse, the Orpheum and the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Cultural Services is also involved in special development projects including the Hastings Park/PNE Master Plan.

In 2012, Cultural Services assisted in the creation of the Arts and Cultural Advisory Council which advises Vancouver City Council on issues, policies and strategies related to arts and culture in the city.


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